About me

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My name is Chester Gibs , born in The Netherlands in 1969, I have always had a fascination for traveling and art. Japan especially, is one of my favorite destinations. In 2002 I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam in the Painting and Drawing department.

chester bottles.jpg

I love drawing. I love selecting paper and tools such as pencils, ink or pens. About four years ago I started to get interested in perfumery. On this site you can discover a world of drawings. I hope to show my fascination and love for both drawings and the invisible, olfactive world that is fragrance. I am trying to capture scent in shapes and colors and would love to someday perhaps capture the essence of my drawings in a perfume!

Fragrant greetings,

Chester Gibs

drawings in lab.jpg



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