The Blossoming Gloom


If a perfume can transport you to another place, another time – then imagine what that place would look like if it were a drawing…

Made this in 2015 while wearing one of my favorite amber-themed perfumes ever: L’ambre de Carthage.

I pictured myself ,growing from a plant that is reaching for the stars.
A journey through the desert, the dark and through loneliness, flowers and spices that encourage and seduce and tell me to keep on going and they’ll be there to protect and comfort me when I need it most. In this drawing I wanted to focuss on that journey and that sense of protection .

From the Panouge website: UN PARFUM POUR UNE ODYSÉE
La Carthage antique était le comptoir maritime pour les navires transportant des essences rares et précieuses en provenance d’horizons lointains.L’histoire de ce parfum d’abord créé en 1924 est celle d’une quête, la recherche dun ailleurs méconnu et merveilleux. Cette aventure entrainera l’homme dans une traversée qui lui fera explorer les tréfonds de ses émotions.

The Blossoming Gloom. Ink, pencil & gouache on paper 30x30cm
All rights reserved.

Chester Gibs

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