We Are magic / It’s In Our Hands

master of Tea Chester gibs oribe.jpg

If a perfume can transport you to another place, another time – then imagine what that place would look like if it were a drawing…

I love japan and I love the scent of japanese matcha tea. This is a drawing in which I pay tribute to the craftsmanship and the rituals in japanese tea ceremonies. While making this drawings I wore the fresh perfume “Oribe’ by Parfum Satori.It’s a fresh tea scent with powdery touches. The drawing is a portrait of Oribe Furuta as a young man working miracles with tea. I wanted to somehow create a trail of tea fragrance, green, subtle  and bubbly.


From Satori’s website:  ‘Fearless and free, the famous master of tea-ceremony of the 16th century, Oribe Furuta, The dark green and black design represented in pottery is rather modern. Slighly different from a regular fresh green tea fragrance, it is a Japanese scent of tea.’

We Are magic / It’s In Our Hands, 25×25 cm pen, ink ,gouache and watercolors on paper

Chester Gibs , 2016 Amsterdam

Read about my Visit to Satori Osawa’s atelier in Tokyo by clicking HERE

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