A Lover With A Thorn / In Our Secret Garden

A lover without a thorn.jpg

I made this drawing while inspired by the beauty of japanese textiles and the gardens one finds throughout most of Japan. It’s an image of strength and elegance, a drawing of masculine and feminine elements combined.

A strong wind is blowing and I have dressed myself in a colorful robe. I am walking in a fragrant and stunningly beautiful garden. The scenery is so beautiful and I find myself almost falling.


While making this drawing I was wearing the beautiful japanese perfume ‘SATORI’ by perfumer Satori Osawa. It’s a woody oriental. From Satori Osawa’s website  :The Agarwood, with greater value than gold, rises straight up from the incense burner like a posture of an elegant and dignified woman. The light softly enters the room and enhances the woman’s gracious air. In a nostalgic silence, she leaves behind the rustle of her kimono and the invisible traces of her shadow.

A Lover With a Thorn/ In Our Secret garden, 21x21cm gouache, ink and pencil on paper.

Amsterdam 2016

Read about my visit to Satori’s atelier in Tokyo here.


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