Floral Sky Floating

If travel is searching
and home has been found
I’m not stopping
I’m going hunting
I’m the hunter
I’ll bring back the goods
But i don’t know when

The Hunter – Björk

floral chester.jpg

I started working on this drawing over a month ago , I did the ‘ Guerlain Mitsouko perfume’  inspired series- and this was the last one in the series.I didn’t finish it until today. I have recently visited Kyoto, japan again and watched a performance by Ima Tenko  at The Ima Tenko Butoh Studio in Kyoto. Her performance was visually stunning and dramatic.



To say that it has moved me would be an understatement. The performance was intimate yet very direct. There were only 8 audience members allowed into the theatre so just as Ima Tenko herself , the audience was very much involved in the magic. The dance took about 45 minutes but it seems as if  I had been taken on a journey trough many different states of being. The lights, gestures, poses and facial expressions left me with so many ideas for new drawings.

So today – still inspired by Ima’s Butoh performance, I finished this drawing wearing two of my favorite perfumes : Guerlain’s Mitsouko and Estee lauder’s Tuberose Gardenia .

Fragrantly Yours,

Chester Gibs


For more information on Butoh in Kyoto click here.


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