Voyage / Into Dreamtime


My mind swimming pool
Still looks like the China Sea
Pool to sea
And finally
The sound-a-sleep
Feel the moist sense in your face
Twist relax remembering

‘Sound-A-Sleep’ by Blondie

A few weeks ago I thought I’d spray the beautiful Voyage by Hiram Green on my skin before going to bed-I tend to look for . Voyage is an intoxicating blend of fresh citrus top notes, a velvet heart of warm amber and luscious suede over a smooth vanilla base.

Clumsy as I can be at times, I unfortunately dropped the limited edition bottle and put it back on the shelf in my room. However I hadn’t noticed it started leaking and the smell of Voyage was there when I went to bed to dream every night. Now the bottle is nearly empty and I sealed it as to preserve the little bit of what’s left of the juice.

Above you see a drawing I made in 2015, right after purchasing Voyage. It actually was inspired by the perfume and the idea of traveling, traveling by just closing your eyes and imagining different worlds.

You can read my 2015 interview with Hiram about Voyage here.





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