While You Bloom Future Bliss

while you bloom chester gibs copyWhere lies the secret of your charms? What do you prophesy to the soul?
With what do you attract me, with what gladden my heart?
Is it that you revive the ghost of former pleasures,
Or is it future bliss that you promise us?
I know not. But your balmy fragrance,
Like flowing wine, warms and intoxicates me,
Like music, it takes my breath away,
And like a flame of love, it suffuses my burning cheeks.
And I am happy while you bloom, modest lily of the valley

Tchaikovsky, From his poem ‘Lillies Of The Valley’,1878

EDP_20MUGUET_20FLEURI0.pngA few weeks ago I returned from a trip to Paris where I had spent seven hours of studying the tuberose classic Fracas by Robert Piquet and creating a tuberose accord together with perfumer Daniel Pescio.  I love studying flowers and we both discussed the delicate lily of the valley as an option for a future lesson. On the day I had to head back to amsterdam I decided to visit just one perfume shop before my train left. The shop I visited was Oriza L. Legrand -the brand was  founded already in 1720. Entering the boutique is like entering a world where time has stood still .Bottles, candles,soaps ;all tastefully displayed in an intimate boudoir-like ambience. One thing I love about this brand is the artwork that accompanies each fragrance. The boxes all feature beautiful artwork on them and since I love drawing and scent- I couldn’t be any happier when I visited this magical place where fragrance and image go hand in hand.

chestergibs oriza legrand.jpg Marie, the very knowledgable and lovely sales assistant helped me in choosing a nice perfume.Two perfumes really caught my attention : Chypre Mousse and Muguet Fleuri. Marie said she was certain that I couldn’t possibly have a perfume as complex and special and Chypre Mousse in my collection. It really is a very special perfume ; it’s fresh, aromatic, green, it has hints of anise-like sweetness from the fennel and it’s got some warm leathery facets. This kept on revealing different aspects of its kaleidoscopic character on my skin.


Although my partner said I could buy both, I decided to go with Muguet Fleuri. Although as a creation Chypre Mousse might be more outspoken and certainly not for all, I just love lily of the valley- and Muguet Fleuri is simply stunning! Marie was so kind to give me two samples of Chypre Mousse, which i am very happy with because this just maybe my next Oriza L.Legrand perfume- I truly think this is a unique fragrance.


Every time I put Muguet Fleuri, on I sigh because of its seemingly simplicity and beauty. Wearing this makes me feel fresh and somehow ‘new’ maybe because it’s such a green, clean floral- sheer delight! The notes include green leaves, grass, lily of the valley ,violet and oak moss amongst others. When I got back to Amsterdam I sprayed on Muguet Fleuri and decided to to work on a drawing in spired by my relation with the lily of the valley, ad the result is the drawing as featured in this story. The idea for the drawing came from the sensation of felling new and clean, of blooming in the early morning dew. A place where  I can be born ; Floral bliss! Que ces quelques brins de Muguet Fleuri vous portent bonheur !


While you Bloom Future Bliss, 25x25cm gouache, pencil and ink on paper.Chester Gibs 2018.All rights reserved


Find out more about Oriza L. Legrand Parfums by clicking hereOriza L. Legrand Parfums Paris.18 rue Saint-Augustin – Paris 2ème. Tel: + 33 (0)1 71 93 02 34. Du lundi au samedi de 11h à 14h – 15h à 19h. Fermé  le dimanche

Images by Chester Gibs and Oriza L. Legrand Parfums.

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