Scents And Sounds / The Magic Nocturnal

‘Follow your emotions anywhere
Is it really magic in the air?
Searching for a destiny that’s mine
There’s another place another time
Touching many hearts along the way yeah
Hoping that I’ll never have to say
It’s just an illusion’
Illusion, Imagination
balinesque final drawing.jpg
I am half dutch half Indonesian. My mum is from Bandung, Java.She spent over 5 years living on the wonderful island Bali during her twenties before finally joining her mother and siblings in the 1960’s, who had moved to The Netherlands after Indonesia became independent again after years of Dutch occupation.
My mother loved Bali! She lived near Sanur and used to often visit the atelier of  Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur who lived in Bali with his beautiful wife Ni Pollock. When my mother told me stories about her Balinese adventures when I was a kid, I could  only hope to visit the Island Of the Gods one day myself.Years later , when I was in my twenties myself –  my partner bought a villa there and we visited this beautiful island many times. We made Balinese friends there and the scents and sounds of the island ( at night especially ) are magical things I will never forget.

Balinese scenery plus me as a young boy posing in front of a traditional wooden Balinese door.

We no longer own the home in Bali, but three years ago I took my mum to the island she loves so much, and it was touching to see how at ease she felt being in the place she had lived as a young girl. Bali has changed a lot since then. It has become a lot busier with millions of tourist visiting the island each year. If you make the effort, you can still discover beautiful tranquil places on Bali. What hasn’t changed are the many rituals that the islanders perform in between daily tasks , such as burning incense on beautifully decorated altars and shrines. Bali will always have a special place in my heart.
So any perfume with the word ‘Bali’ in its name, is one I just have to smell!

What I love about Olibere’s Balinesque ( created by perfumer Bertand Duchaufour ) is that it is fresh,  green  yet spicy at the same time. It evokes the scent of the very early mornings in the rice fields , the milky sweet bamboo matches well with the spices. It is a very delicate perfume. It inspired me to make the above drawing just a few days ago. I had sprayed on some of the silky fragrance on my skin  and was transported back to the times that I had enjoyed on Bali, especially the nights in quiet village homes just outside of Ubud. These nights, impregnated with the sent of spices and flowers ; The Udeng , the traditional headwear for Balinese men; These  are the main motives in my drawing.

Is it really magic in the air?
The Magic Nocturnal, 30x30cm mixed media on paper.2019 Chester Gibs .Copyright.
balinesque bottle black moondrawing
From the Olibere website:Among the top notes, the milky, aqueous freshness of Bamboo sap and Sandalwood, reminiscent of Asia. Peppery spices convey a nascent passion.
Transparent floral notes delicately envelop the nose. Full-bodied Orchid petal, soft Jasmin, milky green Sambac…The fragrance ’ s heart is utterly harmonious.
Then comes the caressing sensuality of the soft, subtly musky base notes.
A hint of Myrrh and Vetiver perfects this essence of Bali.Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour

Click here to discover the perfumes of Olibere Paris.

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