Bouquet de Bury- The Joy Of Each New Sunrise

Where I’m one with every grand illusion
No disturbance, no intrusion
Where I let the wistful sounds seduce me
 – ( I let the music Speak, ABBA)

Bouquet de Bury- Parfum d’Interieur
Made exclusively for Chateau de Courriere in Bury , Belgium; Bouquet de Bury cheerful floral woody perfume for the home with a green fruity opening. The neoclassical Chateau de Courriere was probably built in 1840 after a design by the Tournai architect Bruno Renard. The castle is located in a park that is partially closed by a high wall and a pond. On the site of 3 hectares is a beautiful orangery, a garage and an old barn. The park is ecologically managed in accordance with the guidelines of Les Eco-Jardins du Parc Naturel Plaines de l`Escaut. 

Bouquet de Bury is a roomfragrance in which I wish to connect the outside and the inside; ideally it should feel both natural inside and outside of your home. Owner Bert de Groot told me that on the ground surrounding Chateau de Courierre , honey was produced, walnuts are abundant and also apples are nature’s gift to visitors- so these 3 were the start of many scent sketches I made that Bert and I smelled before finally choosing the final version of Bouquet de Bury. The final version was also tested in the fresh air outside the chateau.

Inspired by the building itself and it beautiful rooms and the huge garden and trees that surround the chateau. Whether you are walking through the green garden outside or you’re drinking tea in one of the historic building’s spacious rooms- one can’t simply ignore the green grass, lush plants and trees outside. The two are connected, the outside influences the interior feeling. They say : Home is where the heart is. In his case, the heart is both in the building as well as in the garden.

Notes featured are : Apple, bergamot, geranium, violet, vetiver, musks, woods, coumarin, violet, patchouli.

For more information about the history of Chateau de Couriere and visits , click here

Bouquet de Bury- Parfum d’Interieur

Le soleil est au rendez-vous et c’est une belle journée pour mettre en flacon Bouquet de Bury, un parfum d’ambiance créé exclusivement pour le Château de Courrière.
 Conçu par l’artiste olfactif Chester Gibs à Amsterdam, fabriqué à Grasse et mis en flacon par Bert de Groot et Chester au Château de Courrière, Bouquet de Bury est un mélange frais d’agrumes, de pomme, de rose, de vétiver, de notes vertes et boisées.
Elégant, subtile, avec une touche ensoleillée qui conjugue passé et modernité, il capture l’essence du Château de Courrière. 
Bientôt disponible en exclusivité pour les visiteurs du Château de Courrière.

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