The Boy And The Lace Perfume


I totally dislike the label FOR HIM or FOR HER on perfume bottles and in fragrance marketing campaigns. If there is one thing you can truly express yourself  with in a subtle yet playful way it’s through the fragrance you wear.

This is a digital drawing I made this summer. It’s a portrait of stylist & model Jean-Paul Paula, whom I have met just twice but I love his bold and sexy style and his take on gender and society’s perception of what men and women should dress like.

I regard taste as something personal and I believe this should reflect in our choices to be true to ourselves and daring . Therefore one should choose the fragrance that best fits our personality rather than our gender.

So be brave and show your true colors. Think  outside of the box and express yourself by wearing the perfume that you like best!

Chester Gibs, Amsterdam 2016

Click on the image to read my article about Perfume & Gender on

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