Once Upon A Thousand Tuberose Stars

Chester Gibs - Stars & Tuberose.jpg

Dream dream, even for a little while! – Blondie

A few weeks ago , together with  perfume blogger Esperanza  , I was invited by the lovely Liesbeth and Rob to visit  their niche perfume distribution center The Scent Company  in Amsterdam to have a look and a sniff.
I sampled  three perfumes by Italian perfumer Antonio Alessandria: Noir Obscur, Nacre Blanche and Nuit Rouge. I was especially impressed by Nacre Blanche ! What an amazing Tuberose fragrance….Antonio-Alessandria-Parfums-Nacre-Blanche-EdP.jpg


Nacre Blanche is a gentle, silently seductive and  mysterious floral fragrance that has many stages. It’s a spicy, fruity, herbal and leathery floral. Jasmine and ylang-ylang are the two other white flowers in this creation. Yet, the tuberose stays present throughout the whole ‘wearing’. Nacre Blanche kept on changing on my skin and a day later I could still smell it. It’s certainly not your average tuberose – and I love it.

antonio alessandria.jpg

Nacre Blanche is a romantic and poetic perfume that really has touched me, and so I decided to make a visualization of this beautiful scent. I contacted Antonio to ask if he liked the idea of translating his perfume into a drawing and fortunately he did. It will be interesting to know what he thinks of my interpretation of his creation as the image he may have had in his mind when he created Nacre Blanche might be totally different from mine when I wear his creation.

Making the drawing was not that hard because, truly, when I smelled the perfume for the first time it immediately communicated. The idea for the drawing was quite simple : I pictured myself dreaming on a  cool night beneath a blanket of shiny stars and surrounded and protected by beautiful  majestic white fragrant flowers. Just the sky , the flowers and myself- we are one..and nothing else matters.

Once Upon A Thousand Tuberose Stars by Chester Gibs. Ink , pencil and gouache on paper. 21×21 cm, Amsterdam 2017.


Chester Gibs Thousand Tuberose Stars.jpg

From Antonio’s website:


The light of the moon, white as a pearl, enters the window and through a mirror illuminates the skin of a young woman, white and transparent as alabaster. The intense fragrance of the night blooming tuberose, drifting from the garden, merges with the scent of a private chamber.

You can find more information about Antonio Alessandria’s perfumes by clicking here

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