I Think We’re Alone Now

Inside Os Me-smaller size.jpg

Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees
and the moon upperbove
and a thing called love – Sam Cooke

I adore the Polianthes Tuberosa! My last post on my website was a drawing inspired by the gorgeous Nacre Blanche,  a mesmerizing perfume by Antonio Alessandria. I’m continuing to be inspired by this gorgeous flower. Last night I made this drawing -inspired by three tuberose fragrances I have in my collection and re-sniffed for the occasion : Fracas, Tubereuse and Truth Or Dare. What these three perfumes have in common is a classic, seductive  and feminine quality- although definitely suitable for any guy who’s into florals. Based on a photo by Steven Meisel , my drawing  portrays a woman who confidenty and glamorously wants to become one with her beloved flowers.Devour what you love!


Smelling the tuberose flowers last year in Grasse.

The legendary Fracas by Robert Piguet was first released in 1948 and then reissued in 1998.It was originally created by Germaine Cellier. When I first tried this three years ago, I thought it was too bold and too strong for me to wear. It opens very sweet , like a blast of floral , spicy, buttery bubblegum. After a while the fragrance softens and  Fracas becomes a bit ‘cleaner’ yet it retains its sensual  character. Create a little chaos with this lush white floral, is how the Piguet website promotes the re-issue of Fracas. I love wearing this in colder weather. Fracas is certainly a floral that makes a statement: Yes, C’est moi!

tuberose flower girl.jpg

Caron’s Tubereuse was released in 2003 and composed by Richard Fraysse who worked on many creations for the house of Caron.  The eau de parfum is an almost green  fresh floral with a citric opening. What I like about Tubereuse is that it does not get too sweet. It’s light and very present at the same time. Truth Or Dare by Madonna was released in 2012. She worked on it with perfumer Stephen Nilsen. Madonna said her mother always smelled of gardenias and tuberose and wanted this perfume to be ‘Something classical and timeless and yet modern.’ Whereas  Tubereuse is ( in my opinion ) slightly greener and fresher compared to FracasTruth Or Dare is sweeter and lighter than Fracas in a playfully , sparkly way.

I Think We’re Alone Now – 30x30cm gouache, ink & pencil on paper.Copyright Chester Gibs , Amsterdam

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