Heart above my Head / Unison

Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread
And so I come to you my love
My heart above my head
Though I see the danger there
If there’s a chance for me
Then I don’t care – John Mercer

Spell 125 by Papillon perfumes: How can I explain what I smell?

Seven years before the Spell Liz and I met in Amsterdam at the Anubis launch.

Seven years ago I made a drawing titled In Rapture , inspired by the haunting Anubis perfume by Papillon . Perfumer Liz Moore’s latest creation Spell 125 also called for a drawing- simply because words don’t always explain how I feel. Since about a year, I started working at a great perfumery – The Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam-where I met liz Moores at the time of the Anubis launch. Part of the job is sampling all the new arrivals. Part of the excitement is wearing those fragrances, even when they may at first sniff not be something you’d reach for. In the case of Spell 125 I was truly excited to give it a proper wearing.

When I got home after day of work I still hadn’t found the right words to describe the feeling of Spell 125. I could describe it as a ‘gothic’ lemony green and resinous incense fragrance- but for me it is so much more than that. Now, Anubis ( dark and endless) is one of my favorites from the house . Among Liz’ line Spell 125 is something different. I sat down at my table, smelled my skin that was impregnated with the Spell, and I saw colors and shapes. I took my drawing materials and smelled the perfume again. People often look for perfumes that suit them, but in the case of Spell 125- one could easily say that it seeks out its wearers . I started drawing the feel and associations I have when I wear it, and I somehow had the sensation of being covered by a green veil, a magic robe . The pine in the opening transported my to a cool dry place . The part where the resinous and frankincense notes appear drew me more into my drawing, my mind now going back and fort between different worlds. I’m not religious, but frankincense always has that effect on me- it appeals to something within my soul.

Spell 125 features Frankincense, ylang, hemlock, white ambergris, sacra, pine

I know Liz drew the inspiration from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead- and although that fact alone pushes my olfactive translation into directions visually, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that to me, spell 125 is a fragrance that connects the past, the present and the future. The frankincense and resinous feel have always been an important olfactive part in ceremonies, rituals and religion. And also in my own personal life. So in my Heart above my Head / Unison drawing I tried to express that sensation of different worlds , times and rituals connecting- and an acceptance of the end of things as I know them in my life. This feeling of impressive instants, an emotion beyond reason and logic- something that I wear wherever I go , like a green veil , a talisman.

When words aren’t enough, the olfactive and the visual meet.

As perfume Spell 125 , to me wears as a mood. An invisible green scented magical robe. It’s dense, cool, and very layered. It sure is different from all that Liz has created before , making it a real addition to her impressive body of work. I love frankincense in perfumery. Spell 125 is a must try if you love resinous , incense perfumes. It is a perfume that I needed to spend time with and by drawing its impact on me , Spell 125 and I got more and more acquainted! I named my drawing Heart above my Head /Unison since Spell 125 inspired me to contemplate the depths and the meaning of connection between my concept of past and the present. Spell 125 is a perfume that pushes my buttons in the right places. Spell 125 and Anubis definitely share a haunting effect they both have on me- and shall I happily journey back and forth between the two!

Heart above my Head, mixed media on paper, 30x30cm,2021.Art created by Chester Gibs,all rights reserved.

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