In Rapture

10157140_10153129520228969_2772595698768457258_nIN RAPTURE

If a perfume can transport you to another place, another time – then imagine what that place would look like if it were a drawing

Anubis; egyptian God of the Afterlife.

I started several times on a drawing for one of my favorite perfumes : Anubis Created by Liz Moores from UK based Papillon Artisan Perfumes.

The first time I sampled this gorgeous scent was october last year when I met Liz in person at the lovely Annindriya Perfume Lounge boutique in Amsterdam.
I smelled it and was blown away!
It felt like being drugged by a dark yet seductive mystery.And now I’m hooked.

What I am trying to achieve with this series of works inspired by perfume , is not to illustrate the fragrance but rather visualize its impact on me.

That is hard to do .
The packaging and color of the juice influences and in the case of Anubis the story behind the fragrance is as intriguing as the juice itself.

So after several attempts I asked myself: What is it about Anubis that draws me in?
And I knew, I knew al along: It’s total surrender.
Its Rapture!
So I wanted to visualize this willingness to jump into the warm depths of lust and love,life and death.The Surrender Surpreme – if there is such a thing.


From the papillon Artisan Perfumes wesite:

Egyptian Jasmine. Pink Lotus. Suede. Immortelle. Frankincense. Saffron.

With a name inspired by the Egyptian God of the afterlife, Anubis embodies the sacred mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Heady blooms of jasmine, amid rich suede, smoulder over an incense laden base of frankincense, sandalwood, and labdanum.

Vivid slashes of immortelle, pink lotus and saffron create a perfume shrouded in darkness and veiled in mystery.

Discover Anubis, if you dare.

Read my article about Anubis and meeting Liz:


Chester Gibs © 2015
30x30cm pencil,ink & gouache on paper.

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