The Girl With The Incense Heart


I love Japan!

My first visit to the land of the rising sun was in 2007. I was very impressed to the detail that goes into almost everything from food, art, packaging, presentation, traditional textiles and many more. I have since then returned every year and I can honestly say that my drawing style has changed dramatically since then. The white parts seem to somehow have become more dominant than in my pre-Japan work.

I love incense !

I have always done so, but incense in japan plays a very important role in daily life and in religious events. Incense in perfumery is also something I have grown to appreciate and brands as Amouage, Comme des Garçons are amongst my favorites when it comes to the use of incense notes.I guess I love incense because it comforts me. It makes me feel like when I was a child and my mum would hold me tight me and tell me things were going to be allright.

In this drawing I tried to capture my love for both japan and incense.

Chester Gibs, Amsterdam 2016



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