I’m Looking For The Perfect Sakura


“How beautiful the cherry blossoms are, that bloom to the end of the land, as if offering itself to adorn the hair of a beautiful lady or crown an elegant gentleman.”

~from Manyoshu

Last year I visited Japan again this time in October. Before my partner and I headed out into the beautiful nature that north Honshu offers, we visited the studio atelier of  Satori Osawa in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  I sampled most of her extraordinary fragrances and bought a bottle of her perfume ‘Sakura’. It’s a beautiful powdery floral that has woody elements to it. It was my fragrant companion during our beautiful trip.shop5047500.pictures.Satori_sakura_ambiance_800x800_e24b5f91-a3ec-4948-9cc4-e5ecf065da9a_grande.jpg

A few months ago when I wore it again I made this self portrait , I used gouache, ink and pencils. In the drawing I’m  sound asleep in floral bliss, and dreaming of embracing the perfect Sakura flower on a cold night.

Mixed media on paper 25x25cm

Chester Gibs , Amsterdam 2016



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